GW2: Raising your magic find, easily

by manylaughs on August 15, 2014

Just a quick tip, today. Lately, I’ve been working on raising my magic find. I probably get a thousand or so points of magic find from salvaging drops every day. That might seem like a lot, but amount needed for each level keeps scaling, so going to MF 100 is a little harder than MF 90.

Salvaging drops just isn’t enough after a while. So what to do?

You could salvage Globs of Ectoplasm, but that’s kinda costly. They do throw out quite a bit of MF, but it’s not worth it. Besides you need those globs for other stuff.

Nope, there’s a better, less costly solution. Essence of Luck – the stuff you double-click on to raise your MF – can be salvaged from all fine and masterwork items – armor, jewelry, weapons, whatever, it all has a chance of giving up Essence of Luck when it’s salvaged.

If you want to raise your MF, go to the trading post, look for any fine gear – usually cheaper than masterwork – buy it up and salvage it.

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GW2: Updated Dry Top drop list

by manylaughs on August 11, 2014

Not sure if the wiki has totally caught up, yet, but it’s still useful to have this information in one place. Here’s the latest T6 (with the occasional T5) drop list for Dry Top:

In addition to the sweet T6 mats that drop in Dry Top, every enemy appears to have a chance of dropping a Zephyrite Lockpick, as well as rare weapons and, on occasion, rare armor. The rare weapon drops are overwhelmingly more common.

Dust Mites: Crystalline Dust, Charged and Onyx Lodestones

Dust Mite Twisters: Crystalline Dust, Charged and Onyx Lodestones

Arid Devourers: Powerful Venom Sacs and Armored Scales

Wind Riders: Powerful Venom Sacs

Colocals: Vials of Powerful Blood and Vicious Claws

Inquest: Elaborate Totems, Piles of Incandescent Dust and Piles of Crystalline Dust

Vulture Raptors and Pink Moas: Vicious Claws

Salamandar Drakes: Drop T5 mats – Large Claws and Large Scales. I haven’t seen any T6 mats drop from the Drakes, yet.

I believe the Mordrem Wolves drop Vicious Fangs, but I haven’t been able to confirm that, yet.

General farming observations: I’ve found the Moas and Wind Riders particularly easy to farm. The Dust Mites are easy to gather in groups, so you can farm lots at once. The Arid Devourers take a little longer to kill, but the drops are worth it.

The Haze Event is full of Dust Mites and Arid Devourers and it spawns twice during the dust storm, once at the beginning and once with 10 minutes left to go in the dust storm, if someone triggered the first event at the beginning of the dust storm.





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GW2: Hang on to your Foxfire Clusters

by manylaughs August 10, 2014

I finished my Mysterious Vine Back Piece the other night. I really love the look of it. The picture doesn’t quite do it justice – there’s a dewy particle effect that’s very nice. If you have a sylvari, you’ll especially want this back piece. It’s perfect for the race. The coolest thing about it? It […]

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GW2: Sell, now. Buy, later.

by manylaughs July 31, 2014

There’s a new back piece upon us, and it’s a bear to make. Dulfy has a guide for making it, here. Most of the ingredients you can get, easily enough. Going through the new story episodes gets you the key mats, and grinding out the events in Dry Top will get you geodes. No prob […]

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GW2: Ending my pursuit of The Legend

by manylaughs July 27, 2014

A while ago, I decided to try to pull The Legend, the precursor for Bitfrost, out of the Mystic Forge. I’ve given up. Why? It’s just too expensive. I was dumping rare staffs in and it was just too painful watching all that gold disappear down the drain of the Forge. All told I made […]

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GW2: Don’t salvage all your rare weapons

by manylaughs July 24, 2014

  Have you noticed you get a fair number of rare weapon drops in Dry Top? It certainly seems like you get more rares than you do in Orr. Notice I said, “…weapon drops…” For some reason, armor doesn’t drop. If you get a rare item, it’s a weapon. I’m sure there’s some rationale to […]

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GW2: Dry Top drops

by manylaughs July 22, 2014

If you’re farming, sometimes you want to focus on mobs that drop specific mats. The wiki isn’t quite up-to-date, yet, on what drops which mats in Dry Top, so here’s a quick guide. It’s by no means complete, and it focuses primarily on T6 mats, but it should still be helpful. In addition to the […]

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GW2: Farming Dry Top

by manylaughs July 21, 2014

I’m not a big fan of farming. First, it’s something I’m not that good at. Some people just seem to have a knack for it. They gather up the mobs, burn them down, then do it, again. Over and over. And that’s the other thing – It just gets tedious for me.  There’s no denying, […]

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GW2: Save some silver – craft in WvW

by manylaughs July 9, 2014

Do you craft in one of the cities? Depending on where you are in Tyria, it can cost you as much as 3 silver to waypoint to the closest city to craft. On average, it probably costs you a couple of silver. Do that trip a couple of times a day and you can be […]

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GW2: Gates of Maguuma – Making gold

by manylaughs July 5, 2014

The new Living Story content, Gates of Maguuma, brings new resource mats, new equipment and a lot of new recipes. I’ve been playing it for a few days, now, getting a feel for the market and trying to figure out what I can make some gold on. It’s subject to change, but based on my […]

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