Get the “secret” Olympus camera manual

by manylaughs on January 31, 2018

The Olympus OM-D Mark III comes with almost everything you need to get you started. Almost. There’s one glaring oversight. A kinda boneheaded one, that doesn’t make a lot of sense: Olympus doesn’t include the real manual.

In the case, there’s a small manual about 30 pages long. It walks you through the basic features of the Mark III, but it’s only an overview of the camera. It hits the main points, shows you how to use the camera on auto and how to take video, but there’s no depth.

The Mark III is suppose to be a transitional camera, meant for those who want to take more professional looking photos than they could get with their phones. The included manual doesn’t help with that. This camera isn’t overwhelming, but there are enough features that they need a practical guide on how to use them. The Mark III is promoted as a beginner photographer’s camera; Olympus should probably assume beginners are going to buy it.

But guess what. There’s a secret manual.

After contacting Olympus support, I discovered there’s a more detailed manual Olympus is hiding from their customers. Based on my one experience with them, Olympus support is very good. I was asking some questions about features on the camera, the support tech gave me the URL to the secret manual.

Okay, it’s not really secret, but it’s under the support downloads for the camera. I understand Olympus might want to save some money and not include a hard copy of the manual, but at least tell buyers about the other manual and where to go to get it. Maybe it’s buried somewhere in the stuff that came with the camera, but I didn’t see anything that said something like, “For a more detailed manual, please visit the Olympus support site.”

So here’s the URL to the “secret” manuals and brochures. The Mark III Instructions link will take you to a very detailed manual that’s perfect if you really want to get to know your camera:

E-M10 Mark III Instructions
E-M10 Mark III Brochures
E-M10 Mark III FAQs

It would have been nice of Olympus to include a simple card with these URLs with everything else you get with the Mark III.


I’m going to become an artist. We all have dreams and that one is mine. To help me fulfill my dream, I bought a camera. Specifically, I bought the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III. OMD Mark III for short.

I’ll talk about what made me decide to get this camera in my next post. For now, I just wanted to show what’s in the box and talk about why you might want the carrying case bundle.

Unfortunately, there are only two ways to buy this camera: Either just the camera body or as a package deal with a 14-42mm lens, a 16GB memory card, and a carrying case. I needed the lens, so I got the carrying case bundle.

Buying the camera body only will cost $549.99. Buying the carrying case bundle costs $699.99.

Should you get the carrying case bundle?

If you need a lens, yes, buy the bundle. Buying an equivalent lens would cost about $300, so buying in the bundle saves you about $150, plus you get the memory card and the case.

I think this is poor marketing on the part of Olympus. A lot of people might not want that case. It looks like crap. I actually got another case from B&H (More on that, later.). It’s departure from the way they sell their other cameras–other cameras are available in a more standard camera body and lens bundle.

I think Olympus thought this was a better deal, which it is, but the way it’s presented and sold might turn away buyers. The big problem is the carrying case. When I saw the case, I looked for other buying options, but there weren’t any.

So get the carry case bundle if you need a lens. Save the environment one wasteful carrying case if you don’t.

You can see what’s in the case in the photo below.

Olympus OM-D Mark III carrying case bundle


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