Getting ready for Guild Wars 2: The Hall of Monuments

by manylaughs on July 14, 2012

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If you’ve played Guild Wars (GW), before, and you know you’re going to play Guild Wars 2 (GW2)you can get yourself some freebies such as pets, armors and weapons. Based on your achievements in Guild Wars, you might be able to get some nice things for when you start GW2 in a couple of months. Your achievements and rewards are calculated through the Guild Wars Hall of Monuments.

You will need to purchase the GW Eye of the North (EotN) expansion to gain access to the Hall of Monuments. (Need help accessing or getting to the Hall of Monuments? Read this FAQ.) Rewards in the Hall of Monuments are based on the pets you own, your companions and their gear, armor, weapons and titles. The Hall of Monuments grants up to 50 rewards for use in GW2. That’s a lot, but you’d have to be a pretty hardcore GW player to get them all. Most regular GW players seem to be around 30 or so.

Could you get 30 if you went back to play? Maybe. If you got in with a good guild that would be willing to help you get the titles, armor and weapons you need, maybe. A lot of the rewards – such as armor and weapons – are going to require you to run some dungeons and if you’re not with a good guild it might not be possible to get the gear you need to qualify for the Hall of Monuments.

However, getting to 10 or 15 should be doable. You get 3 points, just for registering, so getting to 10 is not too hard. You can start a ranger and register your pet companion for one point. Get the companion M.O.X. for another point. And then just grind some money and buy mini-pets. People sell minipets all the time. You can get up to 8 points from minipets, alone, and it’s not too hard to get at least 5 of those points.

The Guild Wars wiki has a nice guide to getting Hall of Monuments points. You can read it here.

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