Wizardry Online: The next shiny thing

by manylaughs on September 16, 2012

There’s always someone in chat or the forums talking about how casual gamers -whatever they are – have ruined gaming. Perhaps they think gamers are soft, now. They remember the good, old days when MMOs were painful and only real gamers played them.

If you count yourself among the few, the chosen, the hardcore, Sony might have something in the works for you – Wizardry Online.

From insane difficulty to complex mazes, unrelenting Mobs and traps around every turn, even the best RPG players will find this to be the ultimate challenge.

With the risk of permadeath always looming, players group with trusted allies to survive. Using skill based combat, and a little bit of luck, players battle to defeat amazing anime creatures, cheat death, and live to tell the world!

Geez, that sounds like so much fun. Sheesh.

It’s not out, yet, but if this sounds like fun to you, you might want to sign up for the beta.


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