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by manylaughs on February 13, 2013


Are you into retro gaming?

I’m not. Not because they bore me. Not because I can’t stand 8-bit graphics. Nope, the sad reason is I’ve probably played most of them. Yeps, if they were worth playing, I’ve probably spent way too many hours playing them and I played them when they were released.

Admittedly, I’m kinda a tramp for modern games with their pretty graphics and multiplayer and stuff, now, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some awesome retro games out there for you. A lot of those games were a blast and still worth playing, today. At the very least, you pick up some gaming history; and at the best you have a lot more fun than you were expecting.

One good place to pick up some retro games is Good Old Games, gog.com. They have a collection of over 500 games, many of the classic like Myst, Wing Commander (Awful movie; great game.) and Beyond Good and Evil. (If you’ve never played Beyond Good and Evil go get it, now. Every gamer who’s played it will tell you how great it is, and they’re right. Sheesh. And you call yourself a retro gamer. Hmmph.)

And you know the best thing about retro games? They’re cheap. Most games on the site are less than $10.


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