GW2: Going for 1000 gold – Experimenting

by manylaughs on January 21, 2014

Sorry for the late post. My gaming got the better of me. I’m sure you understand.

Yesterday, I experimented with agony infusions, a little. You should keep your eyes open for new markets and maybe test the waters if you have the gold for it. That’s exactly what I did with infusions.

Here’s the thing – you only need to be a level 100 artificer to make infusions. So pretty much anyone can do this, and based on the slim profit margins everyone probably is.

There is a bit of a market, here, though, just be careful what you make. I made a +6 agony infusion and had to sell it for about 5 gold. That barely was breaking even. And I got lucky, because they usually sell for around 4 gold. If I was to buy the +1 agony infusions – my mats – and make higher value ones, the low level infusions, specifically +3 and +4, might be worth it. But I decided the returns weren’t high enough, so infusions are something I’ll keep an eye on, but I won’t be entering this market.

My total is increasing, though:

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