GW2: Going for 1000 gold – Weathering Market Shifts

by manylaughs on January 23, 2014

In real life, if Florida gets hit with a particularly nasty hurricane, the price of orange juice can skyrocket. In the insurance biz, the hurricane is a force majeure, a chance occurrence, an act of god. In Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet is god. As with any god, it can be wrathful or benevolent. If you’re playing the trading post, you should be prepared for both.

With the introduction of the new living world content, the almighty ArenaNet removed Wintersday and the Nightmare content, including the tri-color chest in Kessex Hills. Players were driving up demand for the toxic spores in order to purchase key parts to open the tri-color chest. With the chest and key vendor gone, the demand plummeted and so did the price of anything made with toxic pristine pores, including the superior sigils of torment I had been making and selling faster than cupcakes at fat camp.

My sigils are still sitting on the trading post, today. I’m going to relist them at a lower price, but for the moment I’m waiting for the price to stabilize. On the bright side I have two mini toxic kraits and the grenth back piece ascended recipe. They’re steadily climbing in price. I could sell them, now, and take in about 75 gold, but I’ll wait. Patience, young padawan.

Oh, I also bought up a lot of pristine toxic spores. I’ve found when the demand for something drops suddenly the market overreacts. In other words, people panicked, today, and dumped their pristine toxic spores, probably driving the price down too much.

And that’s why my total is off, today. : )

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