GW2: How to make 1000 gold – The curious case of Mini Magnus

by manylaughs on March 23, 2014

No one wanted poor Magnus during the Lion’s Arch event. Let’s face it, the guy is a loud-mouthed ass. Is it any wonder no one wanted the Mini Captain Magnus?

At one point during the LA event, I saw these exotic minis selling for around 50 silver. I bought two. Whatever you think of Captain Magnus, the person, Mini Captain Magnus is still an exotic mini. They’re pretty hard to come by.

If you’ve looked, recently, you’ll notice the price is back up, again. I saw them selling for more than a gold, yesterday. I don’t think the price has stabilized, yet, so I’m going to hang on to mine for now.

The lesson is that exotic minis are still exotic minis. Captain Magnus might not be as popular as Kasmeer – insane price on South Sun Kasmeer, by the way – but people will eventually want the mini for their collection. I wouldn’t buy lots of these, as some people seem to do, but it’s probably worth getting if you can pick up a few for less than a gold piece.


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