GW2: How to make 1000 gold – Free dyes

by manylaughs on March 29, 2014

As I mentioned in my previous post, ArenaNet will make dyes account-based starting with the April 2014 Feature Pack.

In my opinion, the price of dyes will go up, and probably significantly. It’s true, that making dyes account-based will lessen the demand a little, but ArenaNet is also removing dyes as drops. That’s going to have an enormous impact on the supply. I’m not alone in thinking this, since the price of dyes has jumped on the trading post.

“With dyes becoming account unlocks, the demand for dye will decrease and unidentified dyes will no longer drop as loot but will still be available from the Mystic Forge and select in-game rewards.” – ArenaNet

It’s possible ArenaNet will somehow increase the supply, depending on what they mean by “select in-game reward”, but I don’t think anything they do will make up for the thousands of dyes that drop in-world, daily.

With all this in-mind, you should be prepared to profit from this:

  • Level your cooking so you can make dyes for people, of course.
  • Hoard mats needed for making dyes. Gather as many as you can, but don’t spend too much money on mats. There’s already wild speculation in mats for dyes. Don’t get sucked into this. Depending on what ArenaNet does with dyes in the April release, it’s possible mat prices might go down. You never know.
  • Take advantage of node farms. I’d much rather spend my time playing the game than gathering.

One more thing, get your free dyes. Here’s something you might have missed in the dye announcement:

“If you already have the same dyes unlocked on multiple characters, when you log in on additional characters, you will receive one unidentified dye for each duplicate dye already unlocked on your account.”

So if you have the same dye unlocked on two characters, ArenaNet is going to give you an unidentified dye. Free dyes.

Guess what. I’m intentionally unlocking duplicate dyes on my characters. I’m focusing strictly on common dyes, since there are lots of them and unlocking the higher quality dyes would just get too expensive. I want as many of those unidentified dyes as ArenaNet will give me. Unidentified dyes sell for more on the trading post than common dyes, also they give you the chance of getting a higher quality dye. That’s pretty nice.

Yes, it’s costing me some money, but I’m keeping my costs low for these unlocks by gathering as much as I can stand and by making a lot of common dyes with cooking.

I’m focusing on unlocking dyes with dupes in mind on just a 3 of my characters. As I read the statement by ArenaNet, you’ll get an unidentified dye for every duplicate unlock on every character. So if you unlocked Rust on 3 characters, you’d get 2 unidentified dyes. I could go crazy and do it across all my alts, but that would start getting like work. If you don’t mind doing this, it’s probably a great way to get a lot of unidentified dyes.

Right now, it looks like I might end up with more than 100 unidentified dyes. Let’s hope one of them is Abyss.


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