GW2: Don’t salvage all your rare weapons

by manylaughs on July 24, 2014


Aureate Dagger selling for about 75 silver


Have you noticed you get a fair number of rare weapon drops in Dry Top? It certainly seems like you get more rares than you do in Orr.

Notice I said, “…weapon drops…” For some reason, armor doesn’t drop. If you get a rare item, it’s a weapon. I’m sure there’s some rationale to this, but it eludes me.

Just a word of caution, tonight: Don’t salvage your rare weapons!

Not immediately, anyway. First, check its price on the trading post. If it’s a special skin, it’s very likely to be worth about 70 silver. Regular rare weapons tend to come in around 42 silver. If the sell price is around 40 silver or so, go ahead and salvage that sucker.  But if it sells for around 70 silver, that’s a nice price for a rare weapon – Sell that sucker!



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