GW2: Hang on to your Foxfire Clusters

by manylaughs on August 10, 2014

I finished my Mysterious Vine Back Piece the other night. I really love the look of it. The picture doesn’t quite do it justice – there’s a dewy particle effect that’s very nice. If you have a sylvari, you’ll especially want this back piece. It’s perfect for the race.


Mysterious Vine Back Piece

The coolest thing about it? It didn’t cost me a single thin copper. It was made entirely from the story rewards, salvaged drops, loot and foxfire clusters I gathered in-world. It did take patience. I had to wait more than 7 days to get it. Initially, I sold my piquant and meaty plant food to people who couldn’t wait to have it. I waited and made some gold off them. Hope you did, too.

Once, I made it, though, I realized I better hang on to my foxfire clusters and you should, too. I’m not sure I’d recommend stocking up on them, but they are about half the price they started at, so it’s probably worth buying a few if you can afford them. If not, go gather them.

Why? Why save them and go gather more? Why not sell them?

After you make your back piece, you get an Cultivated Seed in return. It’s pretty clear from the description ArenaNet has other plans, and it’s hard to think the foxfire clusters aren’t going to be part of those plans. I just can’t see them being a one-time mat. Has ArenaNet ever introduced a mat they only used once?




Yeps, it looks like we’re going to have to make another clay pot.. At the least. So hang on to those foxfire clusters and maybe get a few more.

(Why did ArenaNet have to name these things foxfire? I keep trying to call them by my browser name. This post has been edited and corrected, hopefully eliminating all the references to Mozilla’s Firefox. Hopefully.)

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