Gaming before gaming was cool.

by manylaughs on May 9, 2012

One thing you can be sure I’ll write about is gaming. I’m a professional writer – i.e. I sometimes get paid to write. I’ve written for technical publications (I currently write a monthly Mac Tips column for SmartComputing.) and a smattering of non-technical publications. That work, when I get it, pays pretty well; game writing doesn’t pay squat. But the vast majority of my writing is about gaming. That’s because I love to game. (I sorta like writing, too.)

I was gaming before gaming was cool. I played the text-based Adventure (The precursor to Ultima.) on a DEC mainframe. I played the first flight simulator. I played Wolfenstein 3D (Was it the first FPS? I think so.) until I got dizzy. I played D&D when the whole game came in a box. The edges on my first 20-sided die are way worn down. I was late to MMOs, not really getting into them until Guild Wars. I’ve more than made up for being a little tardy, though: I’ve played so many MMOs I’ve officially lost count.

Simply put – not only am I a gaming neck-beard, I’m a gray gaming neck-beard.

See gaming cred below (I’m pretty sure that’s a copy of Wolfenstein 3D on that floppy.):

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