Guild Wars 2: Ree Soesbee and Jeff Grubb talk about lore

by manylaughs on August 6, 2012

If you’re a lore geek, this discussion between Guild Wars 2 loremasters Ree Soesbee and Jeff Grubb will delight you. They talk GW2, Star Trek, Harry Potter, fantasy, sci-fi and even some steampunk.  Try not to salivate. (The first 2 minutes or so of the video are echoy, but it’s fine after that.)

(I had to post this one, again, after the video stopped working. Not sure if is the problem, but if it happens, again, I’ll try to post something comparable from youtube.)

Oh, well. Seems isn’t quite ready for prime time – the embed breaks after a while. Works for a bit, but then stops. So I’m removing the embedded video and just posting the link. You can watch it here.


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