Guild Wars 2: Banned for botting

by manylaughs on November 8, 2012

So the other day, yesterday to be precise, I went to log to my Guild Wars 2 account and was greeted with the message, below.

ArenaNet says I’m an evil botter.

Well, I’m not a botter. I’m on the game all the time, so it’s not extended unattended play, though that sounds vaguely exciting. And I don’t use macros. What probably happened is I got caught in a general bot ban. When an MMO takes action against botting they usually write some algorithm that they think will blast away mostly bots. If a few civilians die in the carpet bombing, then they’ll just have to appeal the ban. I’ve appealed the ban.

While all MMOs have problems with bots, for some reason it’s especially endemic in NCSoft games. As Aion aged, for instance, there would often be more bots in some areas than players. The same is happening with Guild Wars 2, now. In fact, GW2 probably has more bots than any other MMO.

So NCSoft and ArenaNet are trying to crack down and, if the forums are any indication, in their banhammer zeal they’ve also banned a significant number of legitimate accounts. Sadly, I’m one of them.


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