Guild Wars 2: 5 tips for making money on the trading post – Tip 4

by manylaughs on November 21, 2012

Tip 4: Stick with what you know

Most MMOs usually only provide just a few avenues to profits. Sometimes it’s potions, sometimes armor upgrades and sometimes it’s just selling mats. Fortunately, Guild Wars 2 provides the aspiring profiteer with lots opportunities to make some extra cash. A whole lot.

You can sell armor or weapons or jewelry. You can sell runes (armor upgrades) or sigils (weapon upgrades). You can sell crafting components – items crafted from mats, such as the Stretched Rawhide Leather Squares mentioned in Tip 2. You can even simply buy mats in bulk at a low price and resell them again when the price rises, again, and never craft a thing.

It’s up to you, but whatever you decide to sell, stick with it. Don’t let yourself get distracted.

Once you know the market for your item or items, whether it’s rune or armor or weapons, then you can branch out a little. But you should always spend most of your trading post time focused on what you know, because that’s the stuff you know will sell. The moment you branch out into something else you’re learning a whole new market. Since you don’t have experience with it you’re just making an educated guess you’ll be able to make a profit.

Knowing what sells and at what price is an advantage: It makes you money. Don’t ignore  the market you’ve spent time learning. It’s your moneymaker.

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