Guild Wars 2: Flame and Frost: Prelude

by manylaughs on January 23, 2013


Say what you will about Guild Wars 2, while it does have its faults (Will someone please tell Trahearne to stfu, please? What you don’t like running 3 fractal dungeons in a row? Too bad.), ArenaNet clearly understands how to keep players in their game. One way they’re doing this is by regularly offering fresh content. Since the game released in August, there have been three special events or game releases, as ArenaNet refers to them: Shadow of the Mad King (October);  The Lost Shores (November); and  Wintersday (Dec).

The next game release is Flame and Frost: PreludeIt will be released on January 28th. It will include several game updates, including:  guestingthe ability to play on other servers as a guest; an update to the achievement system that will include new achievements laurels that can be redeemed for ascended gear; and new items in the gem store. In short, there’s a lot more to look forward to and play for.

It’s all quite wily of ArenaNet and clearly part of their master plan to enslave the MMO gamers. Every month there’s new stuff in GW2 for players to get, continuing to feed their gaming addiction. And once players get bored with Flame and Frost: Prelude there’s already an as-yet-unknown game release coming in February that’s sure to renew any waning interest players might be experiencing.

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