WildStar: Is a release date coming?

by manylaughs on August 14, 2013



If you’re looking at MMOs that might be coming out, soon, and you ignore the free-to-play dreck coming out of East Asia, you’re not left with too many exciting choices. There’s WildStar and… hmm… let’s see… Yeps, there’s WildStar and WildStar. From all the information available about this game and some of the leaked gameplay, this MMO looks fun, imaginative and innovative. It’s no wonder you might be anxious to play it.

But when is it coming out?

The following is really nothing but pure speculation with a dash of hope thrown in.

There’s still no official release date, but this game appears to be just about ready. They’ve released all the races, there have been a good number of beta tests, including an all-important stress test. If you read through all the beta reports and look at all the information on the site and youtube, you start getting a feeling this game is just about ready.

This month, Gamescon and PAX are coming up, both huge events worth a whole lot of publicity. GAMESCON begins on August 21 and PAX is from August 30 to September 2. It seems if WildStar is ready this would be a perfect opportunity to announce a release date. It would certainly steal a lot of attention at the shows and get them a lot of press.

Therefore manylaughs crystal ball sees an announcement by September 2.

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