GW2: Going for 1000 gold – day 3

by manylaughs on January 5, 2014

What should you sell?

What should you sell? Anything.

That might seem like a glib response to the question, but it’s true. Guild Wars 2 has such an efficient economy you can sell pretty much anything and make money. Some people sell upgraded crafting component, such as dowels or planks or orbs. Some people sell bags. Some people buy gear, salvage it and sell the mats. And there are some people who just make low offers for stuff then resell it at a higher price.

(Admit it. You know you’ve sold stuff to these people. Most people are impatient and want that gold right away. Impatience will cost you money. We’ll talk more about that at a later date, but if you always just sell to these people you’ll lose gold and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to amass much of your own.)

What do I sell?

I sell all sorts of things. If I see the market going down for certain goods, I sell something else. If I see the market going up for something, I start selling that.

In going from about 10 gold to my current total, I sold mostly bags, superior runes and damask. Damask is going for an insane price, right now. It’s around 14 to 15 gold, but even if you buy all your mats to make it, it only costs around 7 to 8 gold to make. That’s a profit margin that’s hard to ignore. I make it every chance I make. It’s an ascended crafting item that can only be made once a day, so that increases the price, too.

Yesterday, I spent more time than usual on the trading post. Here’s a list of what I sold:

24 15 slot rugged leather bags
3 superior sigils of torment
15 flawless snowflakes*
An exotic ring
An Apothecary Exalted Mask
An exotic axe
One Deldrimor Steel Ingot
One bolt of damask
Assorted major sigils and runes

I made the bags, the sigils, the Deldrimor ingot, the damask, the mask and the axe. I made the axe and mask to help level my tailor and weaponsmith. They had been on the trading post for a while, but sold. The ring was a nice drop. The sigils and runes came from loot that I salvaged. The snowflakes came from Wintersday gifts. I have about 250 of them already, so I sell the extras.

All that might sound like a lot, but it’s not. The item that took me the most time was the bolt of damask. All told, everything I made probably took me about 20 minutes to make. I could’ve stood in Lion’s Arch all day long and made Superior Sigils of Torment. It would’ve been worthwhile – they cost about 4.5 gold to make and sell for around 7 gold. I didn’t though, because there are dungeons to run and WvW to play and world bosses to kill. As I’ve mentioned, I’m not in this just to play the trading post.

So what should you sell? The answer is, sell what the market demands.

Tomorrow, I’ll give you some more options on how to play the trading post.

Today’s starting total is 158 gold, an increase of about 18 gold:


* I like to gamble as much as the next person. In real life, gambling is a loser’s game, in my opinion, but in GW2, it can pay off and the odds are definitely better than a casino’s. So, sometimes when I feel I have some extra gold, I buy stuff like the Wintersday gifts and just open them. It’s a game – have fun.



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