GW2: Going for 1000 gold – Day 11

by manylaughs on January 13, 2014

Keep it simple

I like to keep it simple. For the most part, I make runes, sigils and bags. That’s about it. Yes, of course, I dabble in other things and sell them, particularly if it’s really worth it. Right now, it’s hard to ignore the profit margin on ascended items like damask, for instance. Even though damask takes longer to make than anything else I make consistently, I make it and sell it every night. The extra gold makes it worthwhile, but even a bolt of damask isn’t that complicated – 100 bolts of silk for the thread, 20 bolts of linen and wool, and 10 bolts of cotton.

Why do I prefer to keep things simple?

If you stick with simple things, you can make them fast. Most of the simple stuff seems to sell well, too. They might not be worth huge profits, but they move quickly. Some complicated things, such as a feast, might have high profit margins, but they tend to sit on the trading post for a bit. (By the way, my recipe for a feast of omnomberry tarts finally sold. I had to relist it at a lower price, but I recouped my costs plus made a little profit, so all’s well.)

Armor and weapons can be good sellers with a nice profit margin, but I sorta hate making them. About the only time I make armor or weapons is when I’m leveling up my crafting for a character or I’m making gear for a character. Crafting gear just tend to take too long to make and usually requires a lot of mats. It’s just all too much effort.

Some people say that about crafting, in general – it’s all too much effort – but part of the point of this series is to demonstrate crafting and making money can be pretty painless. By sticking with things that are simple to make, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, time which can be better spent playing the game.

I’m up about 17 gold from the previous day.

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