GW2: Going for 1000 gold – Hit me with your ugly stick

by manylaughs on February 28, 2014

I got this, the other day.

It’s called The Ugly Stick. Whatever you want to say about Guild Wars 2, you can’t say the development team doesn’t have a sense of humor. 😀

I salvaged it. As is often the case with exotics, the sigil in the weapon was actually worth more than the weapon, so I salvaged it with a Black Lion Kit. I got the sigil which sold for a little more than The Ugly Stick would have, plus I got 3 ectos, 2 globs of dark matter, and even an ancient log. Pretty sweet.

I had to relist my damask at a lower price, but it sold and so did the other bolt of damask I made, yesterday, so the quest for 1000 is back on track.