GW2: Going for 1000 gold – 1000 gold!

by manylaughs on March 4, 2014

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Yesterday, I started at around 917 gold and decide to just go for it. I started today over 1000 gold. Yay!

I spent more time than usual crafting and buying and selling. I made some high-priced runes and sigils – specifically, Superior Sigil of the Night and Superior Rune of the Scholar – but I also made my damask, sold some Elonian Leather, and made and sold Deldrimor Steel. So, yeps, I was quite active, but I still had time to run LA twice. All the crafting and trading probably took me about an hour. Much more time than I like to spend on it, but I had that goal of 1000 gold in my sights.

So my quest for a 1000 gold is over. Ta da. What to do, now?

First, I’m going to change my password. If I’m going to advertise that I have all this gold, it’s extra important to keep my account secure.

Second, I’m going to spend it. Not all of it. I like having several hundred on hand, maybe just enough to buy a precursor if I’m inclined. I’m not comfortable having more than about a 1000 gold, though. Unless I’m going to buy a legendary – I’d rather make one – having more than 1000 gold seems like hoarding.

As I write this, I’ve already converted a chunk of my gold to gems. I want to be prepared for anything ArenaNet has on sale, plus it’s time to buy some of that cool stuff on the trading post. After that, who knows. You can be assured, I’ll spend it, though. And that’s the point of having the gold – spending it on stuff you want.

Now, I’ve shown you it can be done, and it’s not too hard. With a little patience (My favorite word, when it comes to making gold.), I firmly believe anyone can do this. So now that I’ve accomplished my goal of getting 1000 gold, this blog will explore more in-depth how it can be done.

Let’s say you’re starting from scratch. You’re new to Guild Wars 2, you’re starting a new character, and you have nothing. How do you build up your gold? How do you get to 100, 200 or 1000 gold?

Tune in for the next post. Your journey begins.

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