GW2: What to sell, now.

by manylaughs on March 5, 2014

Now, that my little quest for 1000 gold is done, I’ll be giving you a more in-depth look at how to make your own, but I’ll keep giving you tips for making gold, as well.

For instance, with this new event, The Battle for Lion’s Arch, you might be wondering what to buy, now. In addition, to the quaggan potions and other items I mentioned before, get one of the Tormented weapon skins. These skins seem to be very popular, more so than the Lovestruck skins, I’d say. So if you have a chance to open a Black Lion Chest and you get a claim ticket, I’d recommend getting one.

But more importantly, this event gives you a great opportunity to sell, specifically to sell the Assault Power Cores. The Assault Power Cores drop from Scarlet’s Knights. They sell for between 2 and 5 gold each. That’s a nice chunk of gold.

These cores only add color to the Spinal Blades Backpiece, so unless you’re totally into your backpiece they won’t do much for you. It’s strictly a cosmetic effect.

Sell your Assault Power Cores, and sell them, now!

I suspect once this event is over and a new backpiece comes along, people will lose interest and the demand for these cores will drop off.

On a side note, I bought about 200 gold in gems, yesterday, so my gold total is down around 800.


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