GW2: Dry Top drops

by manylaughs on July 22, 2014

If you’re farming, sometimes you want to focus on mobs that drop specific mats. The wiki isn’t quite up-to-date, yet, on what drops which mats in Dry Top, so here’s a quick guide. It’s by no means complete, and it focuses primarily on T6 mats, but it should still be helpful.

In addition to the sweet T6 mats that drop in Dry Top, every enemy appears to have a chance of dropping a Zephyrite Lockpick, as well as rare weapons.

Dust Mites: Crystalline Dust, Charged and Onyx Lodestones

Dust Mite Twisters: Crystalline Dust, Charged and Onyx Lodestones

Arid Devourers: Powerful Venom Sacs and Armored Scales

Wind Riders: Powerful Venom Sacs

Colocals: Vials of Powerful Blood and Vicious Claws

Inquest: Elaborate Totems, Piles of Incandescent Dust and Piles of Crystalline Dust

Vulture Raptors and Pink Moas: Vicious Claws

Salamandar Drakes: Drop T5 mats – Large Claws and Large Scales. I haven’t seen any T6 mats drop from the Drakes, yet.

I believe the Mordrem Wolves drop Vicious Fangs, but I haven’t been able to confirm that, yet.

General farming observations: I’ve found the Moas and Wind Riders particularly easy to farm. The Dust Mites are easy to gather in groups, so you can farm lots at once. The Arid Devourers take a little longer to kill, but the drops are worth it.

The Haze Event is full of Dust Mites and Arid Devourers and it spawns twice during the dust storm, once at the beginning and once about the time the Champion Dust Mite spawns. Usually, if you go do Haze, you’ll have time to get credit for the Champion Dust Mite, too.

I’ll update this list as I learn more.


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