GW2: Ending my pursuit of The Legend

by manylaughs on July 27, 2014

A while ago, I decided to try to pull The Legend, the precursor for Bitfrost, out of the Mystic Forge. I’ve given up.

Why? It’s just too expensive. I was dumping rare staffs in and it was just too painful watching all that gold disappear down the drain of the Forge.

All told I made about 60 tries strictly with rares. I got back 8 or 9 exotic staffs for my efforts. That seems to be a little below what the average expected upgrade is. According to the wiki, “[t]here is also a roughly 20% chance of receiving a higher quality item…”  And then, of course, there was only a very rare chance of pulling The Legend out even if I did get an exotic.

I know people do this all the time, but that was a lot of money I wasted on this effort. Sure I sold some of those exotics, but even accounting for that consider rare staffs go for about 70-80 silver. 60 tries equates to roughly to about 180 staffs. Yeah, that’s a lot of gold I was throwing down the Forge. Even deducting the money I recouped for the exotic staffs, it cost me easily over 100 gold to make all these attempts.

So I’ve stopped.

What do you do, though, if you really want The Legend? Farming world bosses isn’t going to do it. I’ve had one precursor in all my time playing this game, and it came out of the Forge.

The problem with the Forge is, it’s a bet. There’s no guarantee. With that in mind, I think you’re better off buying The Legend. Yeah, it’s about 1350 gold on the trading post. But you could easily spend that on exotic staffs, dump them in the forge and never get The Legend back.

If you want The Legend, just save your money and buy it. That way you’re sure to get it and you don’t keep playing the Forge hoping you get it.

If you insist upon playing the Forge, at least make your own exotic staffs. They’re much cheaper to make than to buy.

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