GW2: Sell, now. Buy, later.

by manylaughs on July 31, 2014

There’s a new back piece upon us, and it’s a bear to make. Dulfy has a guide for making it, here.

Most of the ingredients you can get, easily enough. Going through the new story episodes gets you the key mats, and grinding out the events in Dry Top will get you geodes. No prob with the ingredients, right?

Well, except for the 48 Foxfire Clusters. Those are rare finds from wood. If you’ve tried to get them, you know they’re pretty rare. I spent an hour gathering, today, with a gathering buff, and only got two. You just get them off the trading post, right? Sure, if you’re rich like I am. They’re going for over one gold each.

Which brings me to the point of this post: Sell them! If you get Foxfire Clusters sell them, now, while they’re in high-demand.

In time the price will stabilizing. That stabilized price will almost certainly be lower, unless ArenaNet introduces another use for the mats. If you want to make the back piece, buy your Foxfire Clusters in a week or so. I can almost guarantee they’ll be lower.

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