GW2: Going for a thousand gold – day 2

by manylaughs on January 4, 2014

It’s better to be lucky than good.

Yesterday was a sweet day. I got an exotic armor piece from a WvW (World vs World) keep bag and I hit 6500 achievement points.

I checked the price of the exotic armor on the trading post and compared this with the price of the Superior Rune of the Dolyak that was in the piece. It turned out the rune was worth almost the same as the armor piece so I decided to use a Black Lion Salvage Kit to salvage the rune.

I got ultra lucky. I managed to salvage the insignia from the armor, in addition to the rune. Proving that it’s often better to be lucky than good, the insignia was worth as much as the rune. I put them both on the Black Lion Trading Company for about 2 gold for each.

The rune and insignia sold quickly, and I made a quick 4 gold from the one drop. I also made 2 gold for hitting 6500 achievement points.

I didn’t do much crafting – just made some runes, some bags, and damask.

This random drop shows there are lots of ways to make money in Guild Wars 2. You can make so sweet money from random drops. Lucky is good. You can get random dyes from just about anything in-world and maybe one of those is white or celestial or black. Or maybe you be ultra lucky and get a precursor – You’d be rich.

No doubt about it, if you’re lucky, you can be rich.

But not everyone is lucky. For the rest of you, you can grind dungeons – probably the best way to make gold while playing the game – or you can play the trading post. You can make some nice gold running dungeons, but you’re only going to make so much. For my money – or maybe I should say, “my gold” – there’s no more consistent means of making gold in GW2 than the trading post.

We’ll talk more about that, tomorrow. Today’s starting total was 140 gold, so a gain of about 11 gold.


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