Why manylaughs?

by manylaughs on May 7, 2012

You’ve probably figured out by now this isn’t a comedy site. manylaughs* is my nickname, given to me by my clever wife. I tend to have a lot of different laughs – some short and chuckley, some snickery, some smart-ass, some loud and almost guffawly. I have many laughs and I use them all. I also have many interests, almost none that I take too seriously. I think, initially, this site will follow my interests, primarily gaming and gaming culture.

So there you go – manylaughs. That’s the reason for the site name.

If you came here looking for Chuck Norris jokes, you have my apologies.

* That’s not a typo, though you’re sure to find too many of those on the site – I’m a horrible proofreader. manylaughs is intentionally lower case somewhat in keeping with tech style and E.E. Cummings (A small I kinda guy.). Really? Is anything so important about this site the title needs to be capitalized?


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