What am I playing, now?

by manylaughs on May 11, 2012

Right now, I’m playing Tera.

Tera’s probably going to end up being a break between SWTOR – played that for the last 6 months – and The Secret World or Guild Wars 2. But who knows? Tera’s turning out to be a fun PvE game with innovative and dynamic combat – no tab-targetting and lots of chain skills. It’s gorgeous, too. ; ) So maybe I’ll play it longer than I think.

Tera’s youtube channel is here. The game’s rating is M, so you have to be over 17 to view it.

Why is the game rated M? I think because they show butt cheeks and you fight big-ass monsters (BAMs) instead of bosses. Yes, Tera actually calls them big-ass monsters.


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