Funcom delays The Secret World

by manylaughs on May 25, 2012

The Secret World

Funcom has delayed The Secret World until July 3. Given all the problems the game has shown in beta, detailed on this blog, that’s for the best. Maybe they’ll have some decent combat animations, by then. And maybe they’ll get rid of all the bugs. And maybe they’ll have actual female characters instead of ones built around an underlying male model. Maybe golden monkeys will fly out my butt. Maybe. We can only hope.

Here’s the info I got in an email to chumps… um, customers of the game:

Dear Customer,

We would like to inform you that the official launch date for The Secret World has moved back two weeks, with the new date now being Tuesday the 3rd of July. However, as a pre-order customer, you can start playing prior to this as Early Access begins on Friday the 29th of June! All progress you make within the Early Access period will carry over through launch.

We are also excited to inform you about the dates and content for the two final Beta Weekends! As a pre-order customer you have guaranteed access to these Beta Weekends.

The first of these is called “Hell Raised” and is launching June 15th. Here you will be able to explore the new adventure zone of “The Savage Coast”, where you will get to further investigate the mysteries of Solomon Island. Here you will find that the gates to hell itself have opened up, allowing you to brave the challenges of “Hell Raised” — one of the many awesome dungeon experiences in The Secret World!

The last beta week-end will take place on June 22th through June 24th and will allow you to sample both the Eldorado battlefield as well as the persistent warzone gameplay where you get to charge onto the fields of battle with your fellow Illuminati, Templars or Dragon initiates.

We very much look forward to seeing you in The Secret World!

Best regards,


Yay! Two more beta weekends before the launch. If they’re as bad as the first two, I might opt for cleaning the basement or doing the laundry. You know, something less tedious.

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