Heard in general chat: I’m never buying another EA game, again.

by manylaughs on June 22, 2012

All rights reserved: Funcom, not a EA company.

If you’ve been one of the three or four people reading this blog, you know I don’t have an especially high opinion of The Secret World. (Warning: All my opinions are subject to updating, review and even wholesale revision.) Another The Secret World beta is almost upon us, and it made me remember something someone said in local chat during the last beta: “I’m never buying another EA game, again.”

I’m not a big fan of EA, but EA isn’t exactly the force behind The Secret World. They’re the “co-publishers”. Funcom is a Norwegian company not owned by EA. Funcom states on their website, “The Secret World is developed by Funcom and co-published by EA Partners, a division of Electronic Arts Inc.”

EA, as a co-publisher, is likely responsible for distributing the game, probably putting up dollars for marketing, too, but The Secret World was developed by Funcom. So blame EA for telling you about the game, not how bad it is. EA’s developed boatloads of stinky crap and they’ve sold gamers piles of steaming dreck, but they’re not responsible for this one. That’s all on Funcom.

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