A gamer’s nightmare: Day 3

by manylaughs on July 2, 2012

For a gaming, losing power is like losing one of your senses.

The world doesn’t feel right. I used to see the world in all it’s glory, the fields of green scattered with orc bodies and the celestial mounts in skies of blue… Blah, blah, blah. You get the idea. Now, I seem stuck in the infrared. Very appropriate when you consider how freakin’ hot it is!

The wonder of this is that it didn’t have to happen. Yes, it was another 100 year storm – How many of these are we going to get, now?! – and it had 70 mile per hour winds which went all Biblical wrath on a hundreds, thousands of trees. All these trees were tossed around and flattened and given a extra-hard good spanking by Mother Nature’s dark side. Darth Vader’s got nothing on this bish.

So, of course, all these falling trees (Yes, plenty of people heard them, so they did make a sound.) took down lots and lots of power lines, leaving millions without power.

So that’s kinda understandable, right? It’s all nature’s fault.

Ummmm, nope. Most of the industrialized countries of the world have their power lines buried. But not the U.S. The U.S. still delivers its power the old-fashioned way, dag gummit.

I heard a PEPCO power spokesmoron say, today, it would cost too much to buried all the power lines. Mmk. How much is this clean up going to cost? How much lost productivity is there going to be? How many valuable gaming hours am I losing?!

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