The Secret World: The TLDR review

by manylaughs on July 11, 2012

After weeks of playing the beta and now the release of Funcom’s The Secret World, here’s the short version of all those posts condensed into a nice, handy pocket review you can take with you anywhere.

The Secret World


  • Dark, ominous atmosphere set in a modern environment.
  • A nice variety of quests, including some good puzzle quests.
  • The skill system is open, giving players lots of latitude for building their characters.


  • The worse character designer in pay-to-play MMOs.
  • Combat is dull. Auditory and visual effects are blase. Combat animations are boring.
  • It is a very buggy world, to the point the bugs directly affect gameplay (e.g. Some quests are bugged.).
  • The game lacks convenience features, such as a group finder.
  • There’s little direction for new players, so it’s easy to get lost and maybe frustrated.

Final verdict:

Avoid. Unless you really need a dark, urban horror fix, just avoid this one.

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