Guild Wars 2 beta: More Felicia Day

by manylaughs on July 22, 2012

I played an asura in the Guild Wars 2 beta, this weekend. I wanted to get a look at the new races (I also played a sylvari.) and get a taste for their world. I didn’t expect to like the asura that much, because playing smaller races, such as goblins or hobbits, just isn’t my thing. I should learn nothing about Guild Wars 2 is going to be as I expect: Playing an asura was a lot of fun. The asura are snarky and clever. They’re a bit of the embodiment of just about every gamer you know – superior, slightly obnoxious, but fun, too. You know you’re better than everyone else in an MMO. If only the rest of community would just accept that.

One of the pleasant surprises came as I progressed through the asura storyline. A couple of NPCs were talking in the background and their conversation was drawing me in, making me listen. The voice acting in Guild Wars 2 is simply exceptional. Less talented actors wouldn’t have had the the same effect. I wanted to hear what these two had to say. Slowly, I realized I recognized the voice of one of the NPCs, Zojja, but I couldn’t quite place it. Who was it? I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Fortunately, my twitter feed had the answer – someone had tweeted a thanks to the actor for voicing Zojja. I could’ve smacked myself on the head. The voice was that of every geek’s favorite actor – Felicia Day!

So there you go… Yet, another reason to play Guild Wars 2. I don’t know about you, but I’ll play an asura just to see where Zojja’s story is going.

Felicia Day voices the Guild Wars 2 character, Zojja. Gamers rejoice.

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