Guild Wars 2: Dungeon video

by manylaughs on August 3, 2012

If you’re a bit of a traditional gamer, still yearning for those Everquest days, Guild Wars 2 might have you a little concerned. If you’ve seen the gameplay videos, you might be wary of many things. Maybe you don’t like the hectic look of dynamic events or perhaps you think there’s too much focus on player-versus-player (PvP). Right now, the learning curve for GW2 might be measured in days, not a few hours it takes to come up to speed on other MMOs.

If you’re a traditional player-versus-environment kinda gamer, you might be a little worried and possibly wondering if this game is for you.

Never fear, old schoolers. There are some good PvE dungeons in GW2 and they’ll make you feel right at home.

Here’s a long look at the Ascalonian Catacombs from PCGamer.

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