Guild Wars 2: My first impression

by manylaughs on August 26, 2012

Wow! That was one crappy post, last night. Sorry about that. Let’s just say a new MMO called, Guild Wars 2, was distracting me.

Tonight, I’m going to try to do a little better, tonight; just a small post, though. After all, there’s gaming to be done. 😉

First, there was a small error in last night’s post: The Digital Deluxe Edition only has one mini pet, not two. I fixed that in that post.

First impression:

I have 4 characters going and I’m on my way to 5, soon, I suspect. I like alts what can I say. I have my main, a human thief, up to level 13. Except for PvE dungeons, I’ve been trying to do it all. The first PvE dungeon isn’t available until level 30, from what I understand. I’ve done a fair amount of PvP, both the scenarios and the world-versus-world; I’m into gathering and crafting; I’m doing my quests and storylines; and I’m exploring just about everywhere. For 13 levels, I feel like I’m getting a good taste for the game.

It actually took me a little while to get into the game. I think this is because you’re kinda thrown into the deep-end of the pool when you start – there’s not a lot of help telling you what’s going on or what you’re suppose to be doing. This is not your parents’ MMO: A lot of what’s going on is a bit unfamiliar. Guild Wars2’s tutorial doesn’t fail – it’s better than most MMOs – but, because the game is so different than other MMOs, a little extra help would be nice.

After I got past the beginning area and got into my questing and story, I started getting deeper into the game. I found I was enjoying every aspect of the game. PvP was fun. WvW was exciting. Gathering is exciting, because sometimes you get upgrades and dyes from gathering. Crafting is even fun. I found myself hooked on cooking, because cooking let’s you make all sorts of buffs for your character.

So after a bit of a blase start, I find myself drawn deeper and deeper into every aspect of the game. That’s a whole lot of fun.

More tomorrow.

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