Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet, where’s the greed?

by manylaughs on August 31, 2012

If you’ve tried buying a digital edition of Guild Wars 2, recently, you might have noticed you can’t do this from the Guild Wars 2 site. Why, you might ask.

Warning: The following answer might totally blow your mind. Please prepare yourself.

The Guild Wars 2 team tweeted this, today:

To ensure a good quality play experience, we needed to suspend 1st party digital sales. You can still purchase box copies. ^RB

The word is they slowed down sales to keep their servers from getting overwhelmed. Seriously? Yes. An MMO company that cares so much about their players’ gaming experience they’re actually willing to forego sales! Utterly mind blowing.

You were duly warned. Now, go pick your brain up off the floor.

[FYI, if you need a copy of GW2, you can still get it at a brick-and-mortar store. Presuming you still have one of those left in your neighborhood.]

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