BioWare: It’s getting ridiculous

by manylaughs on September 23, 2012

EA kills BioWare

Now, that Ray and Greg have resigned/retired/ been shown the door at BioWare, it seems things are just going to get silly. Now, Command and Conquer is listed as a BioWare title!

Yes, that’s right, the real-time strategy (RTS) game, Command and Conquer is now listed as a BioWare title.  You know, the Command and Conquer with tanks and planes and machine guns. The Command and Conquer pretty much devoid of story and elves. And of course you know BioWare, the company that used to put out quality role-playing games. You know, the BioWare that doesn’t know squat about RTS.

Wow. BioWare really is dead.

How long will it be before EA lists The Sims as a BioWare game?


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