Digital Rights Management

by manylaughs on October 15, 2012

I feel a week long – longer, maybe – series of articles coming on. So let’s take a look at DRM.

Did I just send shivers down your spine? Well, it is getting close to Halloween, so it’s time to drag out the scary stuff.

DRM, digital rights management, might not be as likely to incite rabid debate as Romney versus Obama, but toss the term out to gamers in local chat and you might as well throw chum into shark-infested waters. Gamers care about their games and DRM threatens just about everything about gaming.

So today is just a teaser, a little chum in the water, if you will. Tomorrow and for the rest of the week (It’s a slow week in gaming.) we’ll look at DRM, what it is and how it affects you. And, of course, we’ll be talking about Diablo 3. Can’t talk about DRM without it, can we?

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