Blade and Soul: Meet the team

by manylaughs on October 21, 2012

Blade and Soul is the next MMO from NCSoft. It’s already out in Korean and looks like it’s very close to being released in the US. For instance, their website is more active, now:  They’ve been been posting regularly and doing news updates. In the most recent post, you get to meet the three of the team members (Including a Penn Jillette look-alike.). The team members talk about the challenges of bringing the game to the western market, while maintaining the integrity of Blade and Soul’s lore.

It’s all very nice and interesting, if you like being teased. There’s still no word on the release date, however since the game site is getting more active so it’s likely you’ll see beta testing, soon. Maybe they’ll try to push this and get it out before the holidays, but that wouldn’t give them much time for betas and a marketing push. It’s more likely you’ll see Blade and Soul introduced to West sometime early next year. Just pure speculation, but pure speculation is always fun.

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