The Elder Scrolls Online: The elves get pretty

by manylaughs on October 27, 2012

It’s hard to say whether The Elder Scrolls Online will be a good game or not. It does seem they’ve decided to make it prettier to look at, though. One thing that set Skyrim apart from the rest of the fantasy RPGs was its portrayal of elves. Let’s face it, pretty much since Tolkien, elves have been pretty and noble with little deviation from that ideal in literature, film or gaming. In Skyrim, the elves are ugly. Not just a little ugly, but rear-of-a-week-dead-donkey’s-butt ugly.

That’s not the direction they’re heading with The Elder Scroll Online. Perhaps Bethesda thinks pretty elves are better for its subscription base.

Skyrim Wood Elf

Elder Scrolls Online Wood Elf

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