Vice President Joe Biden meets with scapegoats from the video game industry

by manylaughs on January 13, 2013

Mostly we chat and talk about gaming here, trying to steer away from the daily political drivel that fills about 80% of the blogosphere (The other 19% is porn, of course. Or is it the other way around – 19% is political drivel and the other 80% is porn… I forget.). But when there’s a possibility the joy of video games might get pissed on by your political representatives, it’s a good thing to pay some attention to it. So for your perusal, here’s the Vice President’s video from his meeting with representatives from the video game industry.

The video is mostly political posturing. Whether they’re going to cave to political pressure from the NRA and hang the industry out to dry is still to be seen, but the fact is video games are a more convenient scape goat than guns. We wonder when the gun manufacturers will meet with the Vice President…


One small editorial thought, in case this gets lost in all the handwringing over video games:

Guns kill people, not video games. Guns.

It’s not a complex problem, as the Vice President erroneously states in the meeting. It’s a plain and simple problem. Other countries have very high video game usage and very low gun violence. The difference is those countries tend to have sane gun-control laws.

You can find out the facts about international gun violence at

There, that’s it. That’s my political BS for the day. Please go back to blowing shit up.

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