Felicia Day: Supernatural and the fun girl

by manylaughs on January 25, 2013


I just watched this week’s episode of Supernatural, LARP and the Real Girl. (Yes, I takes me a bit to get to all the geek stuff I have recorded on my DVR. Sometimes I get a little sidetracked by my blog.) This episode marked the return of Felicia Day as Charlie, the Queen of Moondor. It was probably the besSupernatural episode of the season. (Yes, I’m a little prejudiced. So what?)

For the last couple of years Supernatural has been grim and pretty devoid of the humor. Geez, even Cass has gotten grim. The return of Felicia Day brought the fun back to the show. Her character gives the show a much needed injection of lightheartedness and give Sam and Dean an excuse to relax and have a bit of fun.

Would it hurt to make Charlie a regular? Hell no. Please make her a regular.

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