Elder Scrolls Online: Beta still weeks, months away

by manylaughs on February 3, 2013

Did you get all excited when you heard about the sign up for The Elder Scrolls Online beta? Well, you might as well try to chill. In a response on their twitter feed, Bethesda said:

We will begin #ESO beta invites in the coming weeks to months. We’ll announce on here when we begin sending them out.

Weeks to months… That’s a long time. It’s February, now. If they start betas in 4 weeks – probably a little early, given the weeks-to-months talk – that means the earliest you’ll get a chance to beta test it is March. Then, if ESO follows the pattern of other games, there will be 2 or 3 more closed betas with about a month between each one. That will take you into June, at the earliest, before the game starts open betas.

So… Purely, wide speculation, but you’re probably looking at a release date at the end of the summer.

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