Neverwinter: The VIP pack is how much?!

by manylaughs on February 6, 2013



Want guaranteed access to Neverwinter’s beta events? How ’bout 5 days of early access? Maybe some cool mounts? How ’bout exclusive access to the Menzoberran Renegade race? You know, like Drizzt?

That would be so awesome cool, huh? How much is it, you ask? $199.99. That’s right, 200 dollars and you don’t even get a collectible statue! In fact, there doesn’t seem to be one tangible item include – not a art book, not a sound track, no behind the scenes DVD. Gamers are going to come play this game no matter what: It’s D&D! But is it necessary to stick it to the fan base? Don’t these guys know there’s a recession going on?

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