Guild Wars 2: 5 reasons you’re bored – Reason 5

by manylaughs on March 3, 2013

And the fifth reason you’re bored with Guild Wars 2 is…

5. You’ve done it all.

Guild Wars 2 probably released with more content than any other MMO ever. Yep, that’s true, believe it or not. There are dungeons and world versus world and PvP and world exploration and events and the endless Fractals of the Mists, and you’ve managed to burn through it all. You’ve done all the dungeons. You’ve gotten you ascended backpack. You’ve done the jumping puzzles. You have world completion. You’ve level 2, maybe 3 or more characters. And you might even have a legendary weapon.

In short, you done it all, seen it all. You’ve nothing left to do. No wonder you’re bored.

Take a break. Go play one of the free-to-play games – Tera, SWTOR, whatever. Then come back in a month when there will probably be new content. Hmm. You’ll probably burn through that in a week. Better wait two months.


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