Defiance: Why I won’t be playing on day one.

by manylaughs on March 18, 2013



Releasing on April 2, Defiance will be the first significant MMO of the new year. Yeah, 4 months into 2013 and the first new MMO will just be hitting the streets. Defiance is an MMO shooter from Trion, the team that brought you the well-received Rift. That’s a pretty good pedigree and I am anxious to play a new MMO, but I’ll wait.


It’s too freakin’ expensive! At $59.99 that’s just too much. Sure it’s pay once and play for free forever, but there’s already a pretty good MMO shooter out there called PlanetSide 2, and it’s free. Sixty bucks just hits a bit too hard.

So I’m not going to fork over the cash for this one on day one (I’ll probably still be playing Bioshock: Infinite, anyway.). I’ll wait and see what the reviews are like and what the forums are saying. If it turns out I’m missing out on some major fun, then I’ll be right there with the plastic. But, right now, my gamer sense (Spider sense senses danger; gamer sense senses bad games.) is telling me this isn’t worth the cash.

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