Mythic Entertainment returns

by manylaughs on May 5, 2013

First there was Mythic Entertainment, the team that brought you the very successful MMO Dark Age of Camelot. Then EA bought them and together the team of EA-Mythic brought your the debacle known as Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. After that, EA washed its hands of the Mythic beast, hoping to lock it away in the shining tower of BioWare. That didn’t seem to work, either, not after EA-BioWare turned into the tango of death that would produce the even bigger debacle known as Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Now, they’re back. Yeps, Mythic Entertainment is back. They’re no longer listed under BioWare and have their very own website, again. This has led to a rash of rumors that a Dark Age of Camelot 2 is in the works. Maybe, maybe not. But here’s the thing. Mythic Entertainment is still Electronic Arts. Maybe this means a new direction for EA, but it probably just means a reshuffling of the deck to seem like the dark overlords of gaming are actually doing something good.

Want to get your hopes up for a DAoC 2? Look no further than The Elder Scrolls Online.

Really, hasn’t EA and the beasts they create trampled on your dreams too often, now?

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