WildStar: The cool thing about paths

by manylaughs on May 23, 2013



WildStar’s big news this week was an introduction to paths. What are paths? Evidently, paths are quest lines, tasks, missions, whatever, specifically tailor to your preferred play style.

The four announced paths are soldier, explorer, settler and scientist. If you like to kill things – and who doesn’t? – go with soldier. If you love finding new areas or getting map completion, it’s explorer for you. Settler seems a little more sketchy. Mostly it seems like you’ll build things. Since housing is an aspect of WildStar, maybe you can make nice little homes for your guildies. Scientist seems oriented towards people who like to gather.

The cool thing about paths is rather WildStar is specifically targeting your play style. Usually the one and only goal of most MMOs – well, most boring MMOs – is to kill shit. That’s fine, but what Carbine, the developers behind WildStar, seem to understand is there are lots of ways people like to play games.

And that’s very cool.


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