Game of Thrones: One burning question

by manylaughs on June 6, 2013

Everyone’s all atwitter (Literally. You should see the twitter feed.) about the latest Game of Thrones episode, The Rains of Something-or-nother. No spoilers here, even though you probably all know how it ended, already.

This year has been a season full of weddings, wedding talk, Arya kidnappings, more Arya kidnappings, and, of course, the ceaseless torture of Theon. Oh, there was also one cool episode where the dragons go bad-ass. And this last episode, which was kinda exciting.

All this leads to one burning question, though. Why is Samwell still fat?


He’s been through the Night’s Watch training, where maybe he was sneaking into the kitchen and deep-frying himself some yak sausages. Okay, maybe. He’s been on a long march into the north, one that was surely exhausting. The cold and all that hiking must have burned up some serious calories. Maybe he was carrying extra provisions for himself or maybe Jon was giving him his share. Who knows? Then he gets separated from the Night’s Watch, without any discernible food supply. Maybe he was chowing on some white walker remains. Could be. Then all the Night’s Watch ends up starving and goes into a mutinous rage because of it. Wasn’t anyone casting a suspicious eye towards the big-boned guy? Why was Sammy Boy still as big as a walrus while the rest of them were starving?

Now, he’s on his own in the wilderness with the love of his life and a kid. They had to flee to get away from his Night’s Watch brothers, you know, the hungry ones. So he couldn’t have had much time to pack or raid the pantry, yet he’s still maintaining that impressive figure. The dude doesn’t even seem to have a backpack! Where’s he getting the chow?!

This better not be like Lost [**Lost SPOILER coming.**], where it turns out the fat guy was still fat after all that time on the island because everyone was dead all along.


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