ESO: The scamp is a neuter

by manylaughs on July 27, 2013

Here’s a look at that The Elder Scroll Online monster, the scamp. After you watch the video below you’ll be left with one lingering question, won’t you? Come on, admit it. You know you wanna ask. You see the scamp has a bit of a problem. It’s walking around all naked, standing on its hind likes, mostly upright. You get a nice eyeful of its crotch, don’t you? Fortunately, for you and unfortunately for the scamp, there’s nothing there.

You just have to ask – What happened to the genitals?

It’s an important question. Maybe this is why all the scamps are mad. You’d be mad, too, if your junk was gone. This might be a key plot point in ESO: Who took the scamps’ junk?

Maybe main story quest will be all about scamp private parts. You’ll have to search all the lands of Tamriel for the stolen scamp nads. Sorta makes you yearn for dragons, doesn’t it?



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