GW2: Twilight Assault (Yawn.)

by manylaughs on October 1, 2013


It’s a big day for Guild Wars 2 (No, it’s not.). The fantastic team at NCSoft rolled out some fresh (recycled) content, today. This is the first day of the Twilight Assault event.

Aren’t you excited? No? Why not?

Twilight Assault includes new achievements, a new level 80 path in Twilight Arbor (The dungeon you don’t run, anymore.), new stuff (junk) in the Black Lion Trading Post, and all the other drudgery you’ve seen them offer in the other lackluster events the NCSoft team seems to keep pumping out.

Yeah, it’s more of the same. That’s why you’re not excited.

The sad fact is GW2 is suffering from a serious lack of imagination, now. They’re in a rut and they don’t seem to be able to climb back out of it. They even recycled Super Adventure Box, last month. That’s how desperate they are to do anything with the game.

Maybe this event will be fun, but more likely it will seem like more of the same. It feels that way just reading the promo page for it. That’s not good.

All this begs a question… What happen to the awesome, inventive team that gave us Guild Wars 2 over a year ago? It feels like the interns have taken over. Who knows, maybe they’re all off working on a port of Blade and Soul. (Don’t bet on it.)

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